Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't forget where you came from

So as most of you know I am fairly new to this journey. I am completing my 4th week and have been "fairly" successful. Something that I love about this is the people I have met and how supportive they are. I love that and it pulls me through every single day. As a stay at home mom I spend my days cleaning, working out, and running errands. On my downtime I love to get online and see how my friends are doing. As I mentioned in previous posts I just have secluded myself so much that I don't have many friends. I have met some amazing people. Lisa (Love ya chick)!

However, I will say this and I am sure it is bound to piss someone off and I apologize for that but I am known to speak my mind and this is MY blog.
I have come across persons who have been extremely successful in their journey and seemed to have forgotten where they came from. They are so caught up in promoting themselves and screw passing what you have learned forward to help others.
You spend time commenting them, congratulating them on their accomplishments, etc. and they cannot even take a moment to say thank you or offer you some form of encouragement as a common courtesy. I believe that real success in this journey is passing on what you learn to others. This nation is killing themselves with food. Bullcrap to this notion that anyone is happy with wearing clothes that looks like tents and being unhealthy.

I will not and I mean I will not EVER forget where I am coming from. I will make it my LIFE to make sure that I help those who are serious about changing their lives.
I am not in this to promote myself. I am in this to promote health and happiness and most importantly....LIFE!

Expecting 2-3 pound loss.

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