Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hell Week

Oh nooooo! I have talked before about weighing in during "Hell Week" and yet again it begins on a weigh in day. I am going to go ahead and weigh in but I am telling myself I am not going to be upset by the results because of the normal weight gain.

With the research I have done it is normal to gain anywhere from 2-7 pounds the 1st 3 days of your period. Most women are more hungry during this time as well because your body naturally burns 15% more calories during the week. So no it isn't cravings you are having during that week
it is that you are really more hungry due to the extra calories being burned.
I have read that if you reduce the amount of salt for about 4 days before your period and up your water intake it can reduce and sometimes eliminate the period weight gain. Now this is if you are lucky and it works for some people. NOT ALL!'

LOL a little on/off subject but why do mean grow terrified of the "week". My husband got up and I told him I was having stomach pain and he said are you still sick and I said no it's not that and his eyes lol widened in horror and said OH NO! My son soon echoed the UH O and looked at me and said not you to (I have a 14 year old daughter) and said mommy please be in a good mood when we get home lol.
Are we really that bad during hell week?

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