Friday, March 13, 2009


ok so most of you know I have insomnia right now. I don't work outside my home so that does help since I can sleep during the day. However, I hate doing that. I would rather be at the gym.

I have figured out that me working out later in the evening is probably one of the reasons but I go through insomnia regularly about twice a year.

My major problem with that is that I find myself getting up and going to the fridge and getting something without even thinking. It isn't really bad stuff because I removed all that from my house but I don't want to put anything in my mouth after 8 p.m.
I wish I had a combination lock that only my husband knew to put on it at nights lol.

My kids will be gone all day and evening. So I am going to try to work out more today. My next weigh in isn't far away. Tuesday is going to come fast.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know

oh and I don't drink coffee or caffeine so that isn't the problem.

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