Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Over- Doing it?

Current mood:Doing a little at home weights

So what exactly does overdoing it mean? I love to workout. Now I can tell you that even I know I need to pick up my intensity but I feel right now at the beginning as long as I am moving it is better than sitting on my behind. I work out nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day at the local YMCA. Everyone tells me I should rest. I do take rests from the weights but as far as the cardio I really do love doing it so if my body is telling me it is ok and I am not ready to quit is it really overdoing? I think it was Josh who posted that he was really sore and loved it. SO DO I!!!!! It tells me that I am doing something right. I can't believe how much more energy I have since I started working out. I do more house cleaning and honestly I am just a happier person. I hear that I should rest a day but I know myself and I know the guilt I will feel over sitting home instead of working out will make it a lot worse than going to the Y and doing at least something cardio related. I know that most of you who work out know that when you get a great workout you get like a "high" and it is amazing. Right now I have worked out about 12 days straight. Now if you look at my workout logs I do not do a ton of cardio and I feel if my body is up for it and my mind is up for it why not do it. I know myself and I know when there is a day I need to rest I will rest.

So really is it ever 2 much?
oh, and can someone tell me just how bad diet soda is for you?

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