Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eye Opener- March 2nd


Ok so I know that to maintain my current weight I need to be consuming 2600 calories a day

which is your weight x's 10

so for me I am cutting my intake down to 1600 calories.
by cutting down 7000 calories a week that is a loss of 2 pounds per week
now if I burn 500 calories a day that is another pound...

easy right? lol it is overwhelminnnggggg
and 1600 calories seems like a lot but it's NOT
I had an eye opener this morning.

I bought a healthy cerial by Kashi.
I ate it and then decided to count the calories

ok let's start cerial
1 serving was 1 cup
190 each cup
and I ate 2 cups

380 calories

then milk 2%
1 serving is 1 cup
I poured 2 over the cerial
at 130 calories each cup

260 calories

for ONE BOWL OF CERIAL 640 CALORIES which is 40% of my entire daily intake. WOW!!!!!!!!!

so I am going to be keeping a food journel now as well.
What an eye opening experience

Here is the site I found this information

Click Here

Hope this helps someone

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